Tiles are a very popular and safe option for modern houses. They are durable, easy to clean, and insulate from humidity? Moreover, tiles give to each space the style the owner prefers. They are available in various sizes, shapes, surfaces, colors and they match every decoration style.


The most common materials, from which bath tubs are made of, are acrylic, cast iron, solid surface and stainless steel. Due to the price and material property’s relation, acrylic and cast iron bathtubs are usually preferred.

Shower cabins

It is wise to avoid shower cabins with an opening door. When the door of the cabin opens, it occupies a lot of space in the bathroom. Moreover, the water remaining on the door drains to the floor. When the cabin’s door opens towards the intehrior of the cabin, it makes it impossible for someone to open it in case of an obstacle in the interior. For example someone may feel dizzy from the steam and faint. In this case the cabin must be broken in order for the individual who is trapped the shower to be “rescued”. Therefore, it is better to prefer “sliding shower cabins”.

Wash basins

Through the last years washbasins are made from a variety of materials, such us concrete, corian, colorful porcelain, rock, glass etc. Each material has its own characteristics and limitations regarding its usage. The choice of the washbasin’s material must be made with an expert.




Toilet lid

Every toilet has a very different shape therefore is very important to know the toilet’s model in order to find the correct lid. Most of the times that we choose a toilet lid without knowing the toilet’s model, it doesn’t fit properly. As a result, the seat moves around and brakes in the long run. When it is not possible to find the right model of the toilet, we can take the toilet’s seat as a sample and find something similar that will fit our toilet. In case it is not possible to remove the toilet’s lid, we must make a simple drawing of the seat. Special attention must be taken, when we draw the hinges of the lid.


If we have enough wall space, it is better to install a wall hanging toilet. The benefits are the following:

Space saving: With the wall hang toilets we save space as the 10cm that the cistern occupies are placed into the wall.
Improved aesthetics: The result is far better when the cistern is hidden.
Better hygiene: As the toilet is hanged on the wall, the floor beneath it can be easily cleaned.
Sound insulation: The cistern is inside the wall and therefore offers sound insulation both when flushing the toilet and when the cistern is filled with water.
Durability: All good cistern brands can handle up to 450 kilos.


A “concealed washbasin faucet” is a very good option to consider for either a renovated bathroom or a new one. “Concealed washbasin faucets” have the same properties and capabilities with the similar non-concealed ones maintaining a superior design in the bathroom. In case of damage it can be easily fixed by the plumper. The access is usually located at the knob, which when unscrewed you usually find the mechanism concealed behind.


Except the aesthetic criteria which play a big part in choosing the sink, the main difference is hygiene. A superior quality granite sink (such as the Franke brand for example) has the ability to reduce the bacterial growth up to 99%. Also a granite sink has is the most temperature resistant up to 280°C.